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Sharpen your affiliate marketing skills with our Growth Guides and Creative Assets. Earn more commission by leveraging the most up-to-date strategies and tools recommended by the Shopify Affiliate team.

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Guides for Getting Started

Beginner-friendly resources designed to help new affiliates quickly build and launch an effective marketing strategy.

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Guides for Creating Content

Content inspiration to help you refer more merchants. Get key product information, audience insights, and top-performing landing pages optimized to convert your traffic.

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Creative Assets

Download high-performing creative in multiple languages, variations, and sizes. Log into Impact select Content from the navigation at the top then Assets to find the right creative for your audience.

  • Share Shopify's Free Trial With Your Audience

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  • Teach Entrepreneurs How to Sell Digital Products

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  • Show Your Audience How to Build a Subscription Business

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  • Guide Aspiring Entrepreneurs Through the Steps of Selling Services

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Once you’ve found a creative asset, select Ad Code then copy and paste the HTML directly to your site. This will allow you to capture impression data which you can use to optimize your referral strategy.

See our Impact Reporting guide for more information.