Your biggest earning opportunity is here.

Earn an additional $500 USD per qualified referral when you promote Shopify’s all new point-of-sale (POS) to your audience, and help their businesses grow.

Steps to Earning Commission

1. Refer a merchant to any Shopify core plan: Basic, Shopify, or Advanced. Earn from referrals who sign up for a full price plan.

✓ Standard baseline Affiliate commission earned  

2. Encourage that same merchant to activate a POS Pro subscription within 120 days of starting their free trial.

✓ POS Pro commission earned ($500 USD)

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Become an expert on POS Pro

Read our enablement guide to learn about Shopify’s world-class retail product, key features, and tips on how to best position it to your audience.

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High Converting Creative Assets

Streamline your content creation by using POS Pro creative assets and landing pages provided by our team. All assets are available in multiple languages, creative variations, and sizes.

Log into Impact select Content from the navigation at the top Assets then filter by label "POS" to find the right creative for your audience.

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Once you’ve found a creative asset, select → Ad Code then copy and paste the HTML directly to your site. This will allow you to capture impression data which you can use to optimize your referral strategy.

See our Impact Reporting guide for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I promote Shopify's all-new POS to my audience?

Shopify's all new POS, free with each Basic, Shopify, and Advanced plan, is an incredible value proposition and reason for your audience to choose Shopify for their business over the competition. Merchants can enhance the functionality of Shopify POS, by upgrading to POS Pro. The Pro subscription adds:
• Faster workflows for exchanges, discounts, local pickup, stock transfers, and more
• More control over staff permissions with unlimited POS PINs and custom roles
• Deeper insights about product performance with in-depth inventory reporting
• A 2-year warranty on hardware
• Access to a dedicated retail support team

Read the guide for a full list of key features.

Who should I target if I want to drive POS Pro referrals?

POS Pro is suitable for merchants selling in brick-and-mortar stores. The upgrade unlocks essential features for inventory and store management that retail stores need.

How do I earn for driving POS Pro referrals?

When a merchant you referred to a paid Shopify plan also subscribes at least one of their retail locations to a POS Pro subscription, you will earn $500 USD in referral revenue. This payout is on top of your baseline commission for driving a merchant to a paid Shopify plan.

To be eligible for the Pro subscription payout, your referral must be billed for POS Pro within 120 days of starting their Shopify free trial. All merchant adds and Pro conversions will be tracked through Impact Radius.

Do my referrals need to come through a dedicated POS landing page for me to be eligible for POS Pro commission?

Utilizing POS landing pages creates a cohesive conversion experience for your referrals. However, if your referrals have activated their paid plan through another one of your tracked referral links and then upgrade to Shopify's POS Pro subscription within 120 days, you will still earn the Affiliate POS Pro incentive.

How do my referrals subscribe to Shopify’s all new POS Pro?

Your referrals can upgrade to a POS Pro subscription by adding the POS sales channel to their Shopify admin and providing payment, by following the instructions here.

How much does Shopify’s all-new POS Pro cost?

The monthly price of Shopify POS is a combination of a merchant’s Shopify plan plus the POS Pro subscription price for each activated location.

In which countries can I drive POS Pro referrals?

You can only earn commission from Shopify POS Pro referrals in countries where Shopify payments is available to use in the Shopify POS app, as listed here.