Commerce Coach Program

The Commerce Coach program provides Shopify’s top affiliates with opportunities to accelerate their earnings, collaborate on marketing initiatives, receive dedicated support from a partner manager, and access exclusive benefits.

  • Join an exclusive group of top-performing affiliates from around the globe

  • Earn even more commission for each new merchant you refer to Shopify

  • Get a custom-built landing page and creative assets to help you convert even more of your audience into Shopify merchants

  • Expand your reach by collaborating on global co-marketing initiatives with Shopify

  • Receive official Shopify Commerce Coach swag

  • Get regular support from a partner manager to optimize your performance and grow your referral revenue

  • Receive an official Commerce Coach badge to include in your marketing

  • Attend Shopify-hosted events alongside other Commerce Coaches

Eligibility Criteria

Every affiliate has equal opportunity to become a Commerce Coach. Eligibility is based on both the volume and quality of your referrals. Affiliates who are eligible to join will be personally invited by one of our partner managers.

To remain in the program, Commerce Coaches must maintain their pre-qualification performance, deliver on referral goals, and meet the quality requirements they set out to achieve.

Commerce Coaches work closely with partner managers who will support them in setting and meeting these goals.


Being a part of the Commerce Coach program has been fantastic: the individual support, custom landing pages, and exclusive offers I have been able to share with my audience have been incredible. These benefits have allowed me to massively grow my sign ups, leads & results for Shopify - one of my favorite products!

Sarah Chrisp, Wholesale Ted

Spotlight Activities

Recent opportunities our Commerce Coaches have been presented with include:

  • Exclusive access to promotional offers, and custom assets to use in their marketing

  • Customized post-sign-up email journeys email journey’s to nurture their leads with personalized emails and bonus resources

  • Collaborations on recent product GTM’s across Shopify.